Regional Rejuvenation Project: Wakura Onsen Noto


March 4 ~ March 8, 2019


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We are looking for students who want to be a part of the change that Noto needs! Noto is a beautiful and secluded part of Japan, famous for its serene nature, mouth-watering seafood, and its soothing hot springs. But like many of Japan’s rural regions, Noto too is faced with a declining workforce and an aging population. In efforts to confront this, Noto is looking to expand their tourism market to international tourists, and once again bring back life to its town, shops, and its people.


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This spring, we are looking to find 5 students who want to use their unique position as an international student in Japan to help consult and develop a ryokan’s tourism content.


What you will do:

You will stay at a traditional Japanese ryokan situated in the famous Wakura Onsen.

You will explore Noto to discover what it can offer to future tourists that will travel to the area.

You will create a unique solution that will not only improve the ryokan’s business but will share the wonders and beauty of Noto to the world.

After your five day program, you will present your ideas to the ryokan and the local DMO.


Successful ideas will be used by the ryokan to implement in their marketing and product creation!!!

Your work will directly impact the future of the ryokan, Wakura Onsen, and Noto.


What you will gain:

– Practical problem-solving skills that will allow you to identify an issue, and create pragmatic solutions.

– The experience of Noto and Wakura Onsen. You will stay at a top-notch ryokan and experience the region’s attractions.

– Team working skills in a global setting where you will work across language barriers and cultural differences.

– The ability to give back to Japan. You will help solve one of the biggest issues that Japan and many of its rural towns are facing!


Program Fee: 

28,000JPY for 4 nights and 5 days + Travel to Wakura Onsen 

*We offer full and partial scholarships for those who need it. Please contact us directly for more details.



1 night and 2 meals (dinner and breakfast) at a traditional ryokan in the famous Wakuraonsen.

3 nights at a training facility including 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner)

Guided tour of the attractions that Noto has to offer

Problem-solving training with fellow students from across the world


How to join:

DEADLINE –  Feb 25 (Monday) 16:00PM

To apply, please contact us through email with the information below.

-University and Year

-Full name

-Reason for applying (100 words English or 200 words Japanese)

-Need for scholarship (requested amount and reason for requesting the scholarship)


Application Flow:

Application Flow

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Contact Information:


Tell: 048-600-2514 (Feel free to call for any questions you may have.)

Contact Person: Moe Sasaki


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