Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

1. Objectives

The Business Idea Competition for 4 Billion People (hereinafter “4B Bizcon”) calls for business ideas that helps improve the lives of 4 billion people who live under difficult conditions with an annual income of less than 3,000 US dollars. IC Net Limited organizes this competition, and helps applicants to make their business idea a reality.


2. Overview of 4B Bizcon

We at the IC Net Limited accept business ideas in all aspects including technology, products, and services.
Geographical target region(s) can be anywhere in the world. We also welcome ideas that aim to start a business in a developed country first and then expand it gradually into developing countries. Furthermore, we accept business
ideas without a target country.
We require applicants whom passed the first screening to commit themselves to starting a business after the Final
Presentation in February 2019. We for ideas from entrepreneurs who are ready to start a new business in developing countries. To apply, the applicant must be resolved to start the business accordingly after the Final Presentation with the support of IC Net Limited.


3. Qualifications

Anyone who has an idea that would contribute to the SDGs goals (https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/) may apply.
An individual, organization, enterprise, or a group of individuals can apply to 4B Bizcon. We accept applicants from all nationalities.

*We will highly evaluate any business idea using the technologies listed below.

Anyone with an original technology with undecided business idea or target country may also apply.


4. Awards

4-1. Final Presentation

We select one winner for the Best Business Award, i.e., the highest honor in the competition, and the Business
Award as a runner up.


4-2. Prizes

Best Business Award: JPY 1,000,000

*IC Net Limited will help the Best Business Award winner start his or her business after the Final Presentation.
Business Award: JPY 100,000


5. How to Apply to 4B Bizcon

Please click here to submit your application. The application form can be down loaded from the green button below.
The deadline is July 22nd 2018 (Sun) 23:59 (Japan Time).



6. Selection Timeline

6-1. First Screening

Business ideas will be examined in the first screening.

[Notification of First Screening Results to Applicants]

We will notify the results of the first screening to ONLY the successful applicants via email by Wednesday, 25 July 2018.


By Thursday, 9 August 2018, we will interview each successful applicant at the office of IC Net Limited
located in Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Japan. We may use Skype to interview those applicants who find it difficult
to come to the office.

[Notification of Interview Results]

We will inform all the interviewees of their interview results via email by Friday, 10 July 2018.


6-2. Acceleration Program

We offer an acceleration program for applicants whom passed first screening. This program will continue for two
years. The purposes of this program is to complete the business proposal in the 1st Year, and to commercialize
the business idea in the second year.


6-3. Second Screening & Final Presentation

In the second screening, all applicants will give presentation. We will select the applicants to go to the Final Presentation. In the Final Presentation, the applicants will present their business ideas to the Review Board and other audience members.


6-4. Final Presentation

The Final Presentation will be held on Sunday, 10 February 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. For Applicants to present the idea The selected applicants must submit their final business plans before the Final Presentation to the IC Net
Limited. The applicants will present their plans in the Final Presentation in front of the Review Board on Saturday. The winners of the Best Business Award and Business Award(s) will be selected.


7. Reviewing Criteria

7-1. Criteria for the First Screening

The first screening will be based on the following two criteria.


The main objective of this competition is to create a new business. Innovative and original business ideas will be highly appreciated.


We evaluate the extent to which the submitted ideas meet the needs of people in developing countries.
This includes how the proposed business would help improve the quality of life in developing countries.


7-2. Criteria for Second Screening &the Final Presentation

In addition to the above two, the following three criteria will be applied in the Final Presentation.


We evaluate highly business plans that stand a good chance of being profitable and sustainable. A business
plan is NOT sustainable if it is designed to depend solely on donation and financial support from others.


It is also indispensable that a business plan is feasible. This means not only that you, the applicant, have the passion to make your plan a reality, but also that your plan is likely to work in the circumstances that it entails and withstand any difficulties.

[Future Potential]

We evaluate highly the future potential of your business plan if the plan is likely to adapt flexibly to the fastchanging business environment in developing countries.

*Please note that we will not reply to any inquiry on the screening and selection process on any individual application.


8. Questions

Please email us at bizcon@icnet.co.jp if you have questions about this competition.
Please note that, depending on the content of your questions, we may opt not to answer.